Friday, 31 August 2018

How To Write Terror Part I

The king of horror literature Stephen King once said there are three types of horror. You have the gross-out horror, which we can also refer to as gore. It’s the type of horror where you’re disgusted and needs to put the book down because it’s making your stomach upset; its blood, bones and disfigured bodies. You later have Horror, which are the natural things that scare us like spiders and jump-scares. Finally, you have terror, the most frightening of all because it’s the one that triggers your survival instincts and gets under your skin. It’s also the most challenging one to write, so if you are a struggling terror writer, we’ve rounded up some tips that will make your life easier:

  • Do your research. Before thinking about writing your story do some research on myths, legends and whatever else your story is about. In order to write an authentic horror story, you need to research for authentic experiences. Writing about ouija boards went wrong? Look into someone's real life experience. Want to introduce witchcraft? Look into real witches and their craft. Perhaps you’ll end up basing your story on real-life disappearances. You never know, but the truth is that the more research you do on your story the more realistic and frightening it will seem.
  • Take advantage of the tone. Whether you are writing in the first person or not, the most frightening type of narration and tone to use is a detached one. Short sentences and minimum emotional description. It’s almost as if the narrator has gone into shock and forgot how to speak. This type of writing makes the reader anxious and frustrated, which you as a writer should exploit in order to write good terror.
  • Use all five senses to get under your skin. When building a frightening atmosphere use the power of all five senses so that the reader can really feel the terror. Not just only on the big and frightening moments. Describe the taste of the water and how it changes throughout the story. Inform the reader on the multiple changes in the environment through the five senses so that they can fully grasp the power of what they’re afraid of.
  • Think about what terrifies you. This is super important. Emotion and empathy are two key ingredients when writing terror. You need to write it so that the reader can feel the narrator’s fear. You need to also make sure that the terror you are writing about is something someone else would be terrified of too. To do this you should explore what frightens you, not just monsters and ghosts, but as in, what things produce fear in you. For example, you’re always on alert and afraid when you’re walking home at night alone. Let the fear you feel fuel the terror you write.

These are just some tips we recommend to help you write a terrifying story, we will explore other ideas in the second part of this article. However, if you are really looking into knowing how to write a good terror, there’s no better lesson than to read other authors. We recommend browsing through our online library for a wide variety of terror books.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Vidicus – Explore The Most Dreadful Stories In A Startling Manner

What is the thing that scares you the most? Is it a frightful nightmare or a haunted place or a weird creature? If you have a curiosity for such dreadful things then Vidicus has bought a vast collection of eBooks, audiobooks and music. Terrifying themes with effective visuals will make your heartbeats faster. The curated content on the website will never make you struggle for searching for the meaning.

Entertaining horror becomes more interesting when it blends with frightening stories. 'Halloween' is one such book written for children which explains about the different monsters. The terrifying scenes will induce a real horror and will make you feel really excited for the suspense.

The eBooks on the website will give you an amazing experience of reading books online. Lucid language makes it feasible for the readers of any age to enjoy the content without any issues. If you have done with the reading, there are fascinating audiobooks also to get along with. The online library gets updated at regular intervals, so readers will never have to wander here and there for an exclusive content.

If you love listening to music, there is a good stuff for you available on the website. Exclusive songs with good sound quality will surely enhance your love for the music. The library can be accessed with any suitable device 24/7. So readers can browse their favorite content anytime with any browser with just a favorable internet connection on your device. There are live representatives whom you can directly contact in case of any issues pertaining to website.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Seek Mystery With Vidicus

In an era when people are no more intrigued by romance or are frightened by creatures that used to creep them out several decades ago, it is difficult to churn up a story that would enthral the reader and would keep him/her to the edge of the seat all the time. Vidicus, quite unceremoniously brings you mystery books that overcome this constraint, and stay with you long after you have finished reading them, so you can be sure that trash is not entertained here and you have a selection of handpicked books.

You might want to know what kind of books you would be subscribing to on Vidicus, and you will know here. Gossamer by Louis Lowry would keep you hooked even if you have read a lot of books on dream psychology and you are a jaded reader of mystery books that deal with this oeuvre. This is a good book to start with because this would get you ready for Lowry’s Newbery award winner book—The Giver. This is an author you must read, not just because he has won the prestigious award twice, but because of the ingenious plots that he weaves out of thin air. In Gossamer, he explores the relationship between a furious boy and a woman, who discover a lot of history (with the help of a mysterious creature that they will never encounter again) that would change their lives forever.

Besides these a subscription to Vidicus gives you the opportunity to avail an array of audio books, e-books and music.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

One Of America's First Novels: The Algerine Captive By Royall Tyler

The Algerine Captive tells the story of the upbringing, early career, and later enslavement of fictional Boston native, narrator Updike Underhill. It chronicles Updike Underhill's youth and early adulthood in America. After detailing his family history, Underhill describes his birth, childhood, and early education. Upon the encouragement of a local minister, Underhill's parents agree to prepare the narrator for college by placing him under the minister's tutelage.

Underhill's classical education, through which he learns Greek and Latin, provides him with the ability to recite copious lines of poetry, which his countrymen ridicule. Not only is he mocked for his spouting of Greek poetry, which is unintelligible to all but himself, but he is actually challenged to a duel after writing an unintentionally insulting Greek-inspired ode to a young lady. Luckily for Underhill, the duel is discovered and pre-empted by the local sheriffs and constables before it can take place.  Find this satiric look at a variety of American types at Vidicus.

It also gives an account of Underhill's failed attempt to serve as a teacher in a village school, follows his travels through the Northern and Southern states as a physician, and discusses his service as a surgeon aboard a slave ship that heads to Africa by way of London. In the final chapter, while Updike is on the African coast nursing five sick slaves back to health, he is captured and taken as a slave to Algiers. Read this entertaining romp through eighteenth-century society at Vidicus.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Experience the Real Fear with Vidicus

Longing for something exciting to read? Then there is a good news for you. Vidicus has an amazing collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and music. Stories with suspense invoking climax will keep you enthralled throughout the read. Exciting books with updated content will impress you on the very first visit of the site.

Horror stories invoke a feeling of suspense in the reader’s mind. The climax of the story is the most awaited part. Enthusiastic readers do not wish to miss even a single scene of the story. The eBooks on the site will surely satisfy your hunger for exciting horror stories. The meticulous content of the books will make your leisure time more interesting than before. Thriller stories with effective visuals makes the eBooks more engaging. If you are not in a mood to read and want to switch to some other source, then there is an option of audiobooks to go for. Mind boggling audiobooks with frightening scenes will touch your soul.

Entertaining music with latest tracks is a treat for music lovers. The online library has a trendy collection of musical albums. The site is accessible from any device 24/7. High-speed access to the content will never make you wait for long hours. With no annoying ads, you will enjoy the journey of reading and listening. Isn't it awesome?

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Exploring Mystery Books at Vidicus

In an era when people are no more intrigued by romance or are frightened by creatures that used to creep them out several decades ago, it is difficult to churn up a story that would enthrall the reader and would keep him/her to the edge of the seat all the time. Vidicus, quite unceremoniously brings you mystery books that overcome this constraint and stay with you long after you have finished reading them, so you can be sure that trash is not entertained here, and you have a selection of handpicked books. If you still do not trust stuff, you know how to find out, don’t you?

Let us now give you an idea about the kind of books that Vidicus has in its collection so that you can access just by signing up with them by paying a very insignificant fee for a year’s unlimited access. Look for Me by Moonlight by Mary Downing Hahn was written ten years before the Twilight series, before romance with vampires were cool. Interesting, isn’t it? But this is no goody-goody romance that ends up in a happy ending or at least the vampire romancing with the heroine. This is a twisted love story of a teenage girl, rather an obsessed teen girl that reaches precarious quarters when the danger becomes palpable. This one is a perfect read for a cold, dark winter night. A classic, we tell you.

Then there are books like Thornhall Manor and Gossamer that Vidicus is a storehouse of, and don’t hesitate, this investment would surely be value for money.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

What Made Edith Wharton Write Ghost Feeler?

Home of horror stories, Vidicus includes the latest collection of creepy music, books and audiobooks. Ghost Feeler by Edith Wharton is one amongst the top horror books available here. Diagnosed with typhoid at 9 years of age, Edith Wharton had begun recuperation when she got a book of ghost stories to read. Reading horror tales not only set back her recovery but also opened up her frantic imagination to a new world haunted by unformed ghosts. This paranoia was so chronic that she couldn’t sleep in a room containing any ghost story book. She even burned such books often to get rid of dread. The fear stayed until she reached twenty. She was able to overcome her fears but retained a sense of supernatural. She didn’t consider herself a ghost-seer, but a ghost-feeler (who senses the things that cannot be seen). This ability and experience enabled Wharton to write scary tales that express sensed of terror or unease.

Ghost Feeler includes nine different stories that deal with hallucination, isolation, and vampirism. A few of these stories were also published in magazines. These themes reflect Edith’s bad experience with marriage and internal fears. Influenced by the great ghost story writers and her friend or mentor Henry James, she became one of the best horror writers.

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